Friday, March 27, 2009

Starting EARLY!

Yesterday morning I woke up to the feeling of the house shaking from below. It was not a natural phenomenon, no, it was the work that the city is doing on our street. Or, more accurately, under our street.

They are "upgrading the sewer infrastructure" which is generally a good thing. Much needed. But there are a few inconveniences. Some that we have not yet experienced as well, I am certain.
  1. Loud banging house-shaking sounds and such, beginning at 7:30 am.
  2. Water turned off for several hours a few days.
  3. They hit a gas line yesterday and the gas company knocked on the door to cut off our service until it was repaired. They came back at 5:30 (thank goodness I was home) to restore the power, which included their coming inside to re-light the pilot lights on the water heater, furnace and stove. I could have done that, I told them, and they said, "ma'am, it's company policy." Did you also know that it is People's Gas company policy that gas company employees can not have any contact with clients' dogs? It makes sense, I know, but how sad that some people's dogs have ruined a fun visit for Gracie who thinks that everyone who comes to our house is coming to see her and only her. But I digress...
  4. Street is closed. I have to go a different way to leave my house.
All of this said, I am really glad they are doing the work. We really really needed this upgrade in our area.


  1. I got focused on Gracie--poor girl being deprived of the chance to share her love! How unfair.

  2. Poor Gracie! My dogs are quite certain the only reason ANYONE would come to the house is to see them.

    It doesn't sound like much fun, so I'm glad that you are glad the work is happening.

  3. That is no fun. Hope they are done!

  4. Of course everyone comes to see the dogs...why else would anyone come to the house? Give Gracie hugs and kisses from me to make up for the utility man.


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