Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dogs On Thursday

This is a knitting blog, sort of, but I haven't talked about knitting for a while. I am working on a February Lady is coming along nicely. I'm using the yarn that once was "The Tomato" which turned out wonky and too big.

I'm also working on a poncho for a cute little girl in Southern Illinois (no blog name yet, but she was born the exact same day as Birdie was), and the pattern (I'm making it up as I go along again) is easy so a cute little girl in Michigan (Birdie) might get one and a couple of other cute little girls in California too (nieces).

Photos will come.

P.S. Gracie doing okay, thank goodness.


  1. Gracie looks so comfy in that chair! When I was watching the Westminster Dog Show, I cheered for Gracie when the Golden was in the spotlight! I actually yelled at the TV "Go Gracie!"

  2. Look at the comfy girl! My knitting blog isn't about knitting right now either, because I can't seem to find my knitting mojo. Maybe over the weekend...

  3. Sweet photo of Gracie. :)

    Even though the Tomato didn't turn out great, I bet it was still heartbreaking to frog the whole thing!!


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