Sunday, February 8, 2009

2009 Gracie's Golden Blogger Awards

And here it is...Miss Gracie sporting the Go Steelers! Lace Scarf.  For a little shameless self-promotion (the pattern is FREE and is also available on far 24 people have made it a fave (I'm so proud)...

Instructions:  copy the photo/button to your computer, then link it back to this post.

The first Gracie's Golden Blogger Awards were granted on 1/23/08, so clearly we are a teeny bit late in our process here.  Nonetheless, I will be awarding countless Gracie's Golden Blogger Awards...

Here are the criteria:  

  1. A blogger that I read regularly who also comments on my blog, therefore constituting a blogland friendship.  You might notice some duplication in my award granting, this my friends, is part of what is so lovely about blogland.  I've made some friends who are really important to me here in blogland.
  2. Similar to #1, a blogger or blog that has been supportive of us in our quest to get Gracie healthy, and to keep her that way (no small task, let me tell ya).
  3. I will also likely award honorary awards to people who do not have blogs who fit #2.
Here are the winners:

Gnat, for being supportive and just plain wonderful. She's a golden ray of sunshine from the Sunshine State.  She has created the BarknKnit podcast and online community...she amazes me.  Plus, she's a Cub Fan.  

Lisa, for being my very first blog reader and for being a kindred spirit. She is pure gold.

Sarah, for setting the gold standard for friendship. She's one in a million.  Honorary award goes to her new hubby who sends me hilarious youtube videos that I appreciate very much.

Katie, for winning my very first contest! Go for the gold, girl!

Lauren, for being a dog lover with a heart of gold.  She hasn't been blogging as much lately, but she is a great knitter and her blog is fun to read.

Robin Gold stars to you for being a fearless knitter!  And, a fellow yogi, with the cutest little pup and a cat named Ace who has an incredibly strong personality.

Cactusneedles whose hats and cable knitting ability amaze me.  She's in Arizona with golden sunshine that I wish I could experience on a daily basis.  Woofs to Ella, Gracie's blogger buddy.

Dogs on Thursday which is how I "met" a number of my bloggy buds.  This is a fun site that features stories, swaps, and knitting for dog-related charity.  

Wendy a member of the Steeler Nation, Black and Gold, baby! 

Leah whose honest, sometimes hilarious and sometimes horrifying (Severus Snape, really?  lol) thoughts keep me thinking and curious.  

Anita who hails from North Carolina, was my first swap pal EVER.  She's funny, sweet, and has a very camera shy kitty called Jasmine.  She also makes super cute stitch markers that she sells in her etsy shop.  Yarndemon, you are golden!

Birdie's Mama who has been my dear, dear friend since we were 19 (?!).  There's a girl scout song:  Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.

BritKnitter whose Brittany Spaniels make me smile, especially Cooper.  This lady is all about rescue and those sweet loving golden-like Brits.

Donna aka KnittingGal who puts cute pics on her blog and also has a lovely Golden Retriever who has a cyber crush on Gracie.  Oliver's most recent post is here.

RoRo from Creampuff Revolution is so funny that I frequently need to laugh out loud with residual giggles after reading her posts.  Her Shar Pei, Emmy Lou is so funny too!

Roe from Roespot, More Coffee Please feels like someone I met in another life.  She is a SciFi freak like Lehu, and loves to read and knit like I do.  I'm glad she lives in New York because I think she'd steal my Gracie if she lived here ha ha.  Golden kisses from Gracie to you Roe!

Chan who is a new reader, thanks to an award that I recently received.  New readers are gold too.  Welcome!

Gaylen who sews with fabulous fabrics, knits with sumptuous fibers and is all around a golden gal.  

The Princess one of my first swap pals for the Dogs on Thursday Holiday swap in 2007...she's a nanny and writes about her experiences with the kids and other fun stuff.  She dons a golden crown on her blog.


  1. Wow! Thanks! And Gracie rocks the scarf... I happen to think doggies make great knitting models.

  2. Awww.. thanks! I'm so glad that I had the chance to meet you through the swap! You are golden too!! :)
    And someone I consider a true friend!

    Cept, I live in NC,he he... wish I lived in West VA, I'd be a lot closer to some of my blog friends!

  3. Thanks for the nod! I'm working on posting right now. I've seriously got to get back into posting regularly.

  4. Aw.... you're so awesome. :) And I wouldn't steal her, I'd just offer to babysit... a lot. :D

    Is LeHu looking forward to the new Star Trek movie? I have some concerns, but am going in with an open mind. For 10 minutes. ;)

  5. Thanks SO much!! (wow...2 years running, hope I can make it for a three-peat)

  6. Thank you! I'm so fortunate to know you & Gracie in person. :)

  7. I am again honored to be selected. You have been one of the best friends I could have found in this wonderful world of the internet! You are fortunate to have Lehu and your furry family! Looking forward to another year of your knitting adventures and life in general! {{{Hugs}}} from TX to YOU!

  8. I gave you a fabulous award over on my blog! :) Time for you to get another one!

  9. Thank you so much for the award!! It's been great getting to know you over the last year or so! I'm always amazing at what blogging and the knitting world has brought me! Go Cubbies!!!

  10. Aw, you're the best!! Thanks to you (and, of course, Gracie) for the lovely award. Also love the scarf - great pattern!

  11. This makes me so happy!

    I am very glad to know you too. And the lovely Miss Gracie.


  12. Aw thanks!! I'm at least thinking about blogging more lately. Hopefully soon it will return to the real thing!

  13. Thanks! I'm honored. Emma, Tara and Cooper said that having you call them "golden-like" is the highest praise they can think of. They send sloppy wet kisses to you and your whole gang (especially sweet Gracie)!

  14. Aww...thanks so much! Acutally it's been sort of chilly here this week (thus the slow/no blogging/knitting). Ella and I thank you and Gracie for the lovely and kind words.

  15. I know I am way late getting to this...but, thank you! I will post this on my blog asap!!!


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