Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kicking and Screaming

I do not generally like to exercise. Really, I don't. I'd rather sit on my tush and knit, thank you very much. But when I actually go for a walk or do something movement-related, I feel really good about myself and then I want to do it some more. I will need to be reminded that I made that last statement. Trust me. And look what happens to my chair when I leave it! There's a feline squatter.

Today, I walked to meet a friend for lunch and knitting (.61 miles) then I declined the gracious offer of a ride back to my car and walked back (another .61 miles). When I got home, I took Miss Gracie on an afternoon constitutional (another .8 mile), then mowed the lawn (sorry, can't estimate this on mapquest). I am wiped out! But I feel accomplished. And Gracie is laying on the floor asleep and dreaming.

This Hat Attack 2 thing is kicking my tush. Carrying the yarn in the back when changing colors is making me nuts and I want to scream.

But I am thrilled that the Cubs have Clinched the division! Whoo hoo!

I will finish this hat this weekend. Yes, indeedy doo!

I had a lovely time lunching and knitting with my dear newly wed friend. She is a special person, and I learn something every time I spend time with her. Today I learned that I love sitting outside on days with perfect weather, in the shade, knitting and drinking cafe au lait and eating raspberry tarts. Who could ask for anything more?


  1. I love you feline squatter! My cat does that too -- steals the butt-warmed chair!

  2. The hat looks fantastic. Ra! Ra! I second your discovery about sidewalks and raspberry tarts, knitting outside.

  3. Your hat is looking good, even if it is driving you nuts!

    And your feline invader looks pretty pleased about the situation! LOL

  4. It's so funny about exercise--I feel exactly the same way--I hate it in theory and contemplation, SO much, and of course just want to stay home and knit, but it does make one feel energized and good...oh dear...

    Raspberry tarts, yum!


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