Friday, August 8, 2008

Tomorrow we'll begin our second decade...

In honor of ten years married, Lehu and I will compose one of our infamous top ten lists.

Topic: How to celebrate our anniversary

10. Jet ski on Lake Michigan, the water temp is up to 79's like the Gulf of Mexico... so, obviously two pre-middle aged out of shape women should just go for it!

9. Watch the Cubs sweep the Cardinals. Hey, it actually could happen this year.

8. View our wedding video. Hmm, we might actually do this one.

7. Go downtown to a Mexican restaurant with so/so food because we are starving at 8 pm after the wedding. Oh, wait, that's what we did 10 years ago on August 9th.

6. Join the Jesse White Tumblers and join in on the fun for the Bud Billiken parade this weekend.

5. Argue about whether the small forks should be placed in the same slot as the large forks.

4. Lehu would like to rehearse with the Blue Angels in order to perform at the 50th Annual Chicago Air and Water Show next week. CKG, notsomuch.

3. CKG would like to get a mani/pedi and maybe a facial. Lehu, notsomuch.

Go to North Halsted Street Market Days...Oye Gevalt.

1. Dinner and a movie?


  1. Love it!!! Happy Anniversary!! Longer message on Ravelry to come. :)


    Now, now, don't be arguing about the forks on your anniv.! LOL

  3. happy anniversary to you both
    have a great day


  4. Happy Anniversary! Whoever said the big forks belong with the small forks is right. A fork is a fork! Hehehe! :)

  5. Obviously I'm behind on my blog reading....



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