Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer Flora & a Knitter's First

Look what my garden made:

My very first dish cloth. Made on Saturday while knitting at a popular coffee place with Chicago Sarah. I left my knitting at the office and got the "opportunity" to knit with Sarah's back-up knitting. Kind of cool! I really enjoyed this small project. Pretty blue. Thanks Sarah!


  1. Dish cloths are fun little projects. They go so quickly and then presto, you have a FO.

  2. Pretty sunflower & dishcloth! :)
    I love dishcloths when I'm feeling overwhelmed by a larger project... makes you feel as if you accomplished something! LOL

  3. They're both beautiful, I just hope you don't have the "sunflower thief" I had...little squirrel chewed the head off my sunflower and ran with it!

  4. That's really nice--both color and pattern. And I agree with Anita--I often go to a dishcloth to take a break from other projects. I knit them up and give them as gifts, either with bath soap or fancy dish soap. Lately I've been working with this odd linen stuff that is so stiff at first, but softens up with each wash.


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