Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pretty hat or I Love Dream in Color Smooshy

I think that I adore Dream in Color Smooshy. I designed this hat and hope to get my act together soon so I can post a real pattern. I will have to do another hat from DIC (aww, shucks) in order to make sure the pattern is okay.

Anita, this is the yarn you sent me...it is gorgeous.

This one is for a woman who used to work with me...she's moved on to bigger and better things. But her head will still need style and warmth this winter :)


  1. Love the hat! And I want that pattern! :)

    I'm glad that you enjoyed the yarn.

  2. LOOOOOVE the hat! It matches my scarf (which I will post soon).

  3. Love it! It looks so warm and cozy, and uber-stylish!


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