Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Whiskers on Wednesday

Ruthie is a Diva cat. She also likes laptops (the literal ones and the computer ones).

I think if Ruthie could talk, she might say "look at me, I'm so pretty, love me (purr purr) NOW then go away."

She is a rescue, from a litter of the mama cat in the neighborhood. I've never been able to snap a photo of the mama and she hasn't been around in quite some time. Ruthie Ru Ru aka Lulu, was born eight years ago this month. She came into our lives on August 27, 2000, as a little furry food machine. Now, she's a BIG girl.

Happy Whiskers on Wednesday.


  1. hahahah... you're right, that's exactly what she looks like she's saying!

  2. She is pretty! Jasmine does that too, rubs her face on the corner of my laptop... :)

  3. I like the color of her fur! So pretty! Take care:)

  4. She has SUCH an expression on her face. I love it.

    And p.s., I also love your Helena, from the past post. I'm very impressed with your knitted garments--that's my weak point--I'm way too impatient to swatch and then to finish properly, and as a result can't do a good sweater! The ones I've made in past are both too small and too big (all in one garment!!!) Alas...

  5. She is a real beauty! Give her some scratches on the head from me.

  6. Too cute she is and love her full name.


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