Sunday, July 27, 2008

Helena from Knitty Summer '08

This is my current project, and it is going really well. I am using Caron yarn from JoAnn's - which is a departure for me. It is bamboo and acrylic, ideal for baby. Super soft. A little challenging to knit with due to the splittiness of it -- but it's worth it. For $4 a 251 yard skein -- it is hard to beat!

I'm this far and just started the second skein. I'm making the 2 year old size and since I have zero concept of baby size, I hope it's accurate. My gauge is spot on using smaller needles than recommended (this is often the case for me).


  1. Oh how cute!!! That's going to be adorable on a little one!

  2. Oh how adorable!! You must take photos of the finished sweater on the little one.... :)

  3. LOVE. IT. can you make me one in my size? ;)

  4. Adorable! I have no idea about baby sizes either, so I err on the side of making something too big. If it doesn't fit, the little one will always grow into it. Kisses to Gracie!

  5. That's very pretty. And quite a bargain with the yarn prices you got.


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