Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

Let's call this one "sniffing the sedum." Have I mentioned that Gracie loves this season of the year? Have I mentioned that I love it too?

My clowny Golden dog, knowing not that drinking standing water is a baaaad idea for a dog with the strongest of guts, needs to be redirected from the puddles in the yard almost every time we go out.
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She is sheepish about it though, sneaking over in that direction...looking at me...silly girl.

My step-mom (call her Golden Mama), Gracie's mom for the first 8 months of Gracie's life, just got a new Golden. Now she has two: Lucy and Bear. Bear is a rescue and I have not met him (they live in Florida), nor have I seen photos...but he has added much needed joy and life to Lucy and Golden Mama's lives.

This, of course, has prompted me to think about another dog - which is I N S A N E and is a thought process that will pass, then return, then pass, then return. We have an Urban Zoo here and until we are two animals fewer there will be no additions. But it didn't stop me from looking at these, or these or these or these. Not to mention Petfinder because our next dog will be a rescue. There will be no puppies. Famous last words, right?


  1. Our golden is aging and we fear this may be her last summer, as with the upcoming winter 08/09 we do not want her to suffer, hopefully we are wrong! We love her to death and hubby and i disagree about a second dog for now. He wants to be able to just up and go travel, I am the one who wants a small home farm, lol. Does your baby also like to munch grass? If mine sees me weeding she must help!

  2. Gracie is a pretty girl. How does she feel at the thought of a new intruder oops i mean new family member?

  3. Where have I heard I'm looking but I'm not going to give in to buying before..... oh yeah, Chan with the spinning thing. Sounds like you'll be adding to your pet collection soon. :)

  4. You know, I keep thinking about another one's so very many dogs need us, right? Oy.

    Pippin likes to sniff flowers too. It is one of the MOST endearing qualities in a dog.

  5. Don't ask me...I've always thought that three is the perfect number of dogs!

  6. Oh, Gracie - Emmy's the same with the puddle-drinking. I chase her off - she runs right back. And then she chokes on the water and looks at me accusingly. Silly dog...

    All those labradoodle sites are addictive! So's Petfinder, for that matter - I was cruising Petfinder for months before we found our pup. "Research", I called it.

  7. Onyx believes that one dog is her best bet, especially now that Nina is home from college with the Muchkin. Onyx loves to drink from the pond of all places, so Gracie is a step up drinking from puddles.

    I love the labradoodles....and the goldenpoos.....I think that I might want a schnauzerdoodle....


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