Monday, May 26, 2008

Birthday Haul

Chicago Sarah has become a very talented, fearless knitter. And I am the recipient of this gorgeous scarf (a terrible picture, please forgive).

The yarn is a gorgeous pink variegated. She claims that I picked it out, but I do not recall. I may have been in a yarn shopping stupor at the time -- but if I did, I have really good taste in yarn.

How fortunate am I to have a friend like Chicago Sarah? I don't know if there are words to describe this amount of fortune and appreciation.

Because, not only did she make this scarf, but she also sewed a family of zippered bags for me. There's a picture here of one of them. I will have to post pics later because at this point, my camera is full with pictures of Birdie from my trip to Kalamazoo.


My mom gave me a set of Options needles, which I LOVE!! They are a little more pointy than my Addi regulars which is fantastic. This does not mean that I have lost love for the Addi's, but I am pleased to have a SET of needles that I love. Mom said she got Harmony needles for herself but doesn't like them...I might be getting a second set of needles. Again, I am very lucky.

She also gave me enough laceweight to make a couple of lovely shawls/stoles. I hope I can get the patience back to to that...I still need to get back to my SOTSii. Goal is to finish in time for Teddy's birthday (8/18).

My Denise needles are going on "loan" to Chicago Sarah today. I may have to bribe her and tell her that if she donates a little more ($1 more will do) than what she did last year to the Alzheimer's Memory Walk, they will be hers.


  1. Hmmm...I'm sadly SO open to being bribed. :) But, thanks!

  2. AT your age the memory is the first to Seriously, the yarn and the scarf are lovely. The two of you looked so cute wearing it together.


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