Friday, April 25, 2008

Stuck on the Tarmac = No Trip to Chicago

So disappointed, but yet I enjoyed my day very much. The Yarn Harlot's plane was cancelled after waaay too much ado (poor her, I'd be livid...) over the dang weather here in Chicago. Thunderstorms delay planes. Thunderstorms we had.

Let me back up a bit...

I got up this morning with a really sore throat, what with all the coughing it is a wonder I had any throat tissue left to have any semblance of sore. But, I did. Decided to take it easy until I was scheduled to meet my mom for lunch.

We met and had yummy lunch, lots of chatting back and forth and then we went to Knitwerks where I got some Dream In Color in worsted weight. I'm really excited about it. The shop owner is so welcoming and energetic, she reminds me of my fifth grade teacher. I was reluctant, but Mom insisted "you should tell her she reminds you of Miss T." I told the owner and now I'm feeling a little embarassed about it. I'll be fine, just a little embarassed. Mom got some very pretty purplish yarn for those gift scarves she always has around. She's good that way.

We got in the car to travel south and west toward the Oak Lawn Hilton. Since we had a lot of extra time and we were not interested in food (lunch at 2 makes an afternoon lacking in hunger) AND the garden store was entirely disappointing...we decided to go to My Sister's Knits which was, unfortunately, closed today. It is located on a very sweet little street near charming Beverly. We will make it a priority to take a field trip back there soon. I'm really wanting to meet the dogs. Crazy, right? I have a Golden Retriever at home but I wanted to meet the two at that shop. Whatev, I love dogs. I can't contain it.

Then, we went to the Starbuck's in Beverly and sat in some comfy wing-less wingback chairs. Mom had an iced tea and I had a misto with a Pike's Blend which was really quite good. I don't usually like Starbuck's Coffee but this was good. The photo is the view from the w-l wingback chairs of the Unitarian Church which is housed in a building that looks like a castle on a gorgeous lot with gardens on a hill (a hill!!! in Chicago).

On the way to the Oak Lawn Hilton, we called Teddy (my sister) because she had returned my call from earlier in the day. We chatted briefly until we parked in the lot and saw knitters and Knitters. I will not lie to you, I was really excited to be there with all those other knitters and Knitters. Some of them even had necklaces with needle sizes on them. I have never seen one of those and just can't imagine I'd be able to pull off the look the way many of the people in attendance did!

At the first announcement, I had a bad feeling. But the second time that Trisha from Nana's Knitting Shop stood up at the podium, I knew that we were going home without the Harlot's live and in person talk. And somehow, I felt alright. I was more concerned with how very aggravated she must have been feeling! So, maybe when it is rescheduled Chicago Sarah will be able to join me??

Oh, and word on the new neice...the one due today...she will be induced on Monday. Think healthy baby and mama thoughts for Fred and Ginger. We're also going to need to get a blog name for the tapshoe (the baby). I'm thinking tapshoe is hilarious so that's that.

Lot's of moral support to the Harlot -- Chicago weather cannot be controlled. It can even stop a Knitter from connecting with her flock.


  1. Oh, no---no Harlot? Well, at least you had a nice day with your mom. I hope you're feeling better. Healthy Baby Vibes for little tapshoe are on their way.

  2. Sorry about not getting to see her. But it sounds like you had fun with your mom!

  3. hopefully the harlot will be rescheduled soon. i was so glad i went last year. she is hilarious!
    good baby thoughts heading to fred and ginger - especially ginger since she's the one doing the work.

  4. Darn, I hate it when the weather spoils our fun! :( I just love the Dream In Color yarns!! I have some that I've been wanting to start something with if I can ever finish up the stuff I'm working on now....

  5. What a drag about not getting to see the Harlot! But hopefully she'll be rescheduled soon.

    Good thoughts to Fred and Ginger! Keep us posted!

  6. Sorry no Harlot, but perhaps it was for the best. Now CHicago Sarah can go to! Sounds like it was a delightful day with your mom!

    Fingers crossed for Fred and Ginger!


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