Monday, April 14, 2008

Knitting Mojo took the Vaca I Needed

We've been talking about going on a vacation for a long time now, so long I think that my Knitting Mojo (KM) has jetted off to someplace warm and wonderful and left me here with too many started projects and zero motivation to get to them.

Weird, because I really like the projects. The tomato from Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton in none other than tomato red is perfectly wonderful and it's only the third cast-on (a record for me so far). And I'm using Addis...

And the Cubby Bear yarn from Lorna's Laces is a design project I'm doing. I think it will be a hat since I have so little patience for scarves these days (sad, right?! I would really like to finish a stylish scarf that I can wear during the day and look all Bohemian and social workish.

Then there is the hat for a friend's hubby whose birthday party is Friday at a new local pub/restaurant in our neighborhood called Paddy something. We went a few weeks ago a couple days post grand opening and it was more than a little chaotic. I ordered a glass of Shiraz and after I'd finished the first glass, the waiter said "oh, it's actually a Cabernet, did you like it." Me, well, I am still learning to differentiate red wines. I know my whites pretty well. I didn't know, but I felt sort of annoyed by the deception played off as I don't know what.

Back to that hat...I'm making it with cables, which is really fun. And the yarn is from Norway, my mom is great in that she buys yarn as souvenirs and I get to benefit from this practice on a regular basis. The yarn is Fabel Superwash Sokkegarn from Garnstudio. I really really like it. It's squishy and has nice stitch definition. I'll post pictures when I have more to show. This hat might just be what I need to get my KM back.


  1. Hope you have a great vacation!!

  2. it's probably just the calm before the storm... many of us seem to have allowed our knitting mojo to take a late winter nap. the warm temps and sunshine will bring it back.
    look forward to seeing the hat!

  3. Hmm...that waiter would have ticked me off too. Can't wait to see your Norwegian yarn - wish my mom would bring home souvenirs like that :)


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