Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dogs on Thursday & Garden Update

Saturday and Sunday were so nice that I sat outside to knit. Gracie loves it outside when it is sunny and warm. She's been really sick again, so it's nice to see her enjoy (even though you can tell in the photo she wasn't well).

This is the old and new growth of my Peonies. This plant produces some amazing pink flowers. I got it with my friend J, three or four years ago now! It's really become one of my favorites. The new growth each year fills me with wonder and joy!

Back to Miss Gracie, then. We did finally call a newinternal medicine vet, the one that our regular vet recommended. When I called, the receptionist was really pleasant. I asked a lot of questions, like "does this doctor expect our dog to take steroids for her condition?" I told her about our bad experience with the last vet, and...she said she'd heard that before about that particular vet. IMAGINE! It was really validating to hear that what happened to us with that guy has happened to others. Our dog wasn't responding to the treatment he prescribed.

It is still floating through my head, "your dog will die if you don't do what I tell you."

******** and, back to the calm happy place ***************

The receptionist said, "the doctor works in conjunction with other vets including holistic vets and she will go over the history with you."

Our appointment is Monday afternoon. And, Gracie is getting a little better. I'm hoping to have a real collaborative relationship with our new vet.

Happy DOT and Spring!


  1. yay for the new not-crappy doctor! we've had a few bad vet experiences, too, unfortunately.

  2. I hope every thing goes well for your pet.

  3. Ella hopes Gracie's new vet is nice and can help her feel better! Take care! Happy spring:)

  4. I wish you & Gracie so much luck with the new vet!!!!!! Let us know how it goes....

    My peonies are popping out of the ground too... I have white ones as well as pink ones, I can't wait to see those huge buds on them! :)

  5. Gracie looks very happy to be outside. She is so beautiful and I hope that your new vet will be the right one. Oliver sends sloppy kisses to Gracie (he thinks she is hot looking-he is nuts for blondes!) and give her a hug for me!

  6. miss gracie may not be 100%, but she's still gorgeous! and so are your peonies... sigh...
    hope that everything goes well with the new vet.
    if you have a moment, drop by - i've finally got some photos up!

  7. I hope everything works out well for you with the new vet. I think the new internal medicine specialist is the way to go. Sounds like a much better place.

  8. Gracie looks so sweet with the sun on her face. Good luck with the new vet.

  9. I hope your new vet turns out to be a wonderful partner in Gracie's care. She is a real beauty!

  10. I too had a really bad vet experience...fortunately we have a dear darling man now, especially since Pippin is soooo old. It's so important to have a vet you can trust, and it sounds like you've hooked up with a good one! I like the idea of a team with several coordinated approaches--we don't have that for Pippin, and it's the only thing missing.

    Woofs and hugs to Gracie!

    p.s. I adore peonies

  11. sad to hear gracies poorly again, give her a bug hug from me & Kingley!!
    heres to the lovely new vet hope all goes well


    ps, love peonies!!

  12. What a sweet pic of Gracie. Hope all goes well with the new vet.


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