Monday, March 10, 2008

Doggie Tag

Cactus Needles' Ella tagged Gracie so here goes:

What three things would you do that you have never done before; If you knew you wouldn't get caught, Get in trouble or suffer any consequences?

Dear friends:

I have included a photo of Lehu and my favorite bear with, yours truly, Gracie (but of course).
  1. I would go in the basement and eat ALL the cats' food instead of standing with my head hanging down the top step hoping to have the opportunity.
  2. I would host an all you can eat buffet - just for me.
  3. I would scale the big maple out front to catch that darn squirrel once and for all.
I tag Onyx.



  1. gees i hate having to use the human's e-id to post my comments. maybe i need my own blog... firstly, be nice to your cat sibs but more importantly, i so completely understand about them darned squirrels! those little effers just like to taunt me...

    much love,
    tiger the cat

  2. Gracie- you are one cool babe! Great answers and glad that your human enjoyed mine. Nice picture of you too!

  3. Gracie-great answers and a great picture too-you are a babe! Be bloggin again soon-Oliver

  4. Ella wanted me to say that she agrees with you on the squirrels (her arch enemies are, of course, the rabbits). Ella also thanks Gracie for answering her doggie tag and would like to join the buffet, if at all possible! Woof, whine, and Ella.

  5. You are hilarious, Gracie. You just tell it like it is, doggie girl. And, for the record, that's THE most adorable picture...

  6. Onyx has posted her list and was very honored to be chosen by Gracie! She has not put forth a petition for her own blog as well. What's next, Sassy and Eraser revolt if they don't get on LOL cats?

  7. Jackjack says he could help you scale the treat!! and maybe work at the buffet. :)


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