Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stole & Charity Knitting

Once upon a time I got on an airplane that needed de-icing for 55 minutes (or 10 plus rows of stole knitting). I got myself all set up using the clip for the tray table as a chart holder. It was very convenient.

I'd just pull it down and cross off the row when I finished it. You will notice that there is blue highlighter from the first time I used this version of the chart. I have purposefully not posted a photo of the whole chart...this pattern is so great, and if you aren't already part of the KAL it will be available for purchase from Nautical Knitter (the designer, who is very supportive, by the way).

I got a lot done on the plane. Here's a pic of the six g'zillionth restart. Aren't the United Airlines seats pretty? I thought so. I had three in a whole row all to myself. Very pretty.

When I arrived in Sacramento (an hour earlier than I was supposed to with my original plans), we went for sushi -- yum. My ear was so plugged that I couldn't hear for most of the meal, but my sister helped pick out very wasabi-heavy pieces so I would have to blow my nose and therefore unplug my ear. Sorry for the graphic interlude...

My first full day in Sacramento, I went to work with my sister and promptly went to knit. The second day I spent a lot of time knitting. In the picture you will see all my supplies: my phone, my Misto (aka cafe au lait, coffee with steamed milk), my pen, my row counter, my chart, my ziplock bag, etc.

And the last photo of the stole for now is all that I have done so far. Just a few rows short of finishing the second clue. I know I have many clues left to go, but I'm okay with that.

I also worked on another, much more mindless project while I was there. The bulk of the work was completed while the nieces roller skated for their very first time. They both did really well with it! I was impressed with them. My sister and I had a flashback moment and got frozen cokes and hot pretzels with salt and mustard. The roller rink was like walking into our childhood and reminded us of when we, as "hockey sisters" would attend Fred's hockey practices and games. Good times.

This handbag will be for a benefit I am attending in March. The silent auction has many objects d'art and my friend who is on the board asked me to make something. Last year my felted bag was a coveted item, so I tried it again.

I'm going for a little more sophistication with this one, I plan to line it with cotton and make handles from the lining fabric as well. I made up the intarsia design as I went. it was fun. This yarn is from Lisa, it is Cascade 220. I think that Sarah is planning to bid on this item, which is really an honor. And, I could just make her one...but it's kind of cool anyway. The pic on the left is pre-felting, on the right is felted. The beige yarn didn't felt at the same rate so it looks kind of cool.


  1. Ooh! I really like the green/cream combo on the bag!

  2. Well, it's always good to be a knitter when you are either stuck in the airport or delayed on a plane!!!
    Your stole is going to be beautiful!

  3. Love the pre-felted bag. The color combo rocks! The stole is looking great as well.

    The clip of the girls from the last post is great too!

    Happy to be home? OR, missing the warmth of CA?

  4. I'm flying to Texas next month and I'm already planning for my plane knitting! It's the only thing that keeps me sane...

    Your projects are beautiful!

  5. Woohoo not just bidding, WINNING THAT BID. :) Ever seen me at the cat auction? heehee

    I am loving loving the stole. It looks great! You can show me as much as you want- I'm light years away from that skill and pattern-challenged enough that I wouldn't remember it anyway.


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