Monday, February 25, 2008

It's Monday and We are Expecting Snow

Snow? Really? Seriously? Are you sure?

I don't know how much more snow I can take! The yard is finally melted down in spots so you can see grass and we have been able to clean up the yard from Gracie (if you know what I mean)...snow today means it will be an archaeological dig-like experience. Ah the joys of the seasons.

Gracie's doing pretty well! She has gained 2 lbs, she's up to 41 (from 39 which I think was her lowest, and then she had fluid in her belly so it was probably less). Her regular is 51. I feel like I'm going to get stopped by AnnMarie Lucas of Animal Precinct and be cited for starving my dog whenever I walk her out in public. I guess that the shaved belly and "bracelet" probably are give-aways that our girl has been vetted.

Anyway, no pics or knitting in today's report. Must go dry hair and get to work.

Happy Monday!


  1. Anyone can tell that she is a very well loved girl!

    Sorry to hear about more snow....guess that you don't want to know that we are expecting high 80's today.....

    Sending sunshine through the internets.....

  2. he he. . .nothing like partially thawed dog doodie!

  3. Yeah it's snowing...not too bad though and I have hopes it'll blow over. Congrats on Gracie- give her a hug from me!

  4. It was 93 in San Antonio today. Geesh.


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