Friday, January 4, 2008

Georgie, the cat (for dogs on thursday)

This boy is a "special needs" cat. He had a green heart next to his name on
when we found him 2 1/2 years ago. It wasn't long after Tux died from a really awful mouth cancer that Lehu and I realized that Miss Idgie was depressed. She missed Tux. We missed Tux. So we went over to a local no-kill cat shelter called Harmony House for Cats, to just "look" at kitties. We really needed to find a pal for Idgie in order to minimize the fighting between Idgie and her ironically named rival Ruthie.

an aside: in Fried Green Tomatoes (our favorite movie), Idgie and Ruth have a long-time love the CKG/Lehu Household...notsomuch.

And back to the story. I spent the afternoon at the vet's office today. Georgie, who already has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and takes meds twice a day for it, has been having some kind of seizures. They did a neurological exam, checked his heartbeat (there's a murmur), and took some blood and urine. Today cost us over $200, and we don't even know what is wrong with him yet. MRI and CATScan and tumor and liver damage were tossed around today. I am just dreading the whole process, it was so awful with Tux's illness. All of the waiting and wondering and worry...and -- honestly -- the cost.

You should know, that he seems fairly "normal" except when he's having the seizure and for the period afterward when he's pretty out of it. Then when he comes back he is super affectionate. What a sweet boy. He is a furry angel meant to be with us only a short while. He'll be 6 next month. Same age as Miss Gracie (who's health is great).

We will get test results tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

Needless to say, I'm putting off my New Year's Goals post for another day. Send positive thoughts our way, just love and kindness will do. Thanks in advance.


  1. fingers crossed that everything will be just fine...

  2. Fingers and toes crossed. Sending all the positive thoughts and energy we can muster to all of you.

  3. Oh, Georgie - It's terrible when they are struggling that way, isn't it? And I hear you on the cost - even routine stuff is pricey, but when there's a problem it really strains the budget. Hang in there - he's lucky to have found you :)

  4. Healing vibes are on their way to sweet Georgie.

  5. Am sending positive vibes Georgie's way. He's such a cutie!


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