Monday, December 31, 2007

Ooh, I found a Swift and Winder

If you are not a knitter/Knitter, you will not likely understand the above title... On the left is the Swift. Yarn comes in balls that are already wound somtimes, but more times than not it does not. It comes in a hank which is just a twisted up loop (like what you see on the swift).

On the left is an example of a hank of yarn. The photos are from which is where I found my new swift and winder for decent prices. How happy am I not to hand-wind any more lace weight yarn? Or, maybe you do and I'm just being dramatic (it's happened before).

And, below hank of yarn is the winder. Incidentally, that yarn is Malabrigo which is my newest infatuation, and the color is lovely don't you think? The winder makes the hank look like a "cake" of yarn. You can look at my recent posts about the Brother Scarf now Hat yarn for an example.

*********** the ball dropped in NYC just now *******************



  1. happy new year! i'm going to put "a swift" on my wishlist for my birthday. i have a ball winder, but alas no swift... i'm feeling rather envious of your's right about now... why? L-A-C-E-W-E-I-G-H-T yarn!!! ; )

  2. Happy New Year :) Love your swift - I am also totally envious! Malabrigo is heavenly, isn't it?

  3. Ooh, I want a swift and winder. I'm still waiting for kenny to get on my swift. I might have to make it myself. :) I love the Malabrigo...YUMMO!!

  4. Happy New Year and all the best for 2008! I am jealous of your swift and winder - I can't count the times I've been eager to get going on a new project only to spend an hour winding the darn yarn before I can even start. Hope it's heavenly!

  5. Happy 2008!

    We have the same winder! How cool is that. I also will be adding a swift to the birthday wish list....

  6. I used to want a swift and winder- lucky me we live close! :) Great buy, can't wait to hear how the laceweight goes on it.

  7. Happy new year to you! I don't think you're being dramatic at all--swifts and ball winders are some of the handiest knitting gadgets, in my opinion. And I love that malabrigo!

  8. You're not being dramatic - I am in the market for a swift and winder myself. Hand winding yarn is irritating at best (as I type this I've just done up 3 balls of sock yarn) but hand winding lace weight yarn? Yikes. When I started knitting 4 years ago, I loved the sound of saying 'a cake of yarn', I still do and I love the way they look!


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