Friday, December 14, 2007

Frolic on Friday

I was just reading through my email (I subscribe to a g'zillion knitting lists) and saw these how freaking cute!!! I don't know that I need the pattern, but I think I'm going to consider them as gift ideas --- for next year.

I've restarted my socks for the SITM Twice exchange at least 6 times now. I'm not sure what my problem is, short of not paying close enough attention. I keep thinking that I'd like to try a cool pattern, but then find that my knitting is not even from one side to the other with the Magic Cast on for toe-up socks. Ahh, it is all part of the adventure. I do know that my knitting has gotten a lot looser and my hands don't hurt anymore, so this is a vast improvement (since I started really knitting a few years ago).

Well, it's late and Gracie is desperately wanting to play tug and/or fetch...


  1. I love the ornaments. Why am I trying to churn out hats, bags, etc when I could be doing that?! Poor planning on my part. :) Oh yeah, just finished knitting another hat...have to seam it up but I want to wait until I'm awake for that part. Enjoy the snow with Gracie!

  2. PS I went to Knitwerks today! By accident! and bought sock yarn in the Ravenswood colorway (also by accident?...probably not)

  3. Thanks for the ornament link. I've been thinking I might make some of these this year!!

  4. Ravenswood...sounds yummy! I'm with you chicago sarah, wht didn't we all just knit the minis?


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