Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Recycled Content (I'm Green, yeah)

I am beyond frustrated with my most current sock knitting endeavor. I am trying the Magic Cast-On from Knitty that Lisa told me about -- which is FUN! But for some reason, I can't seem to get the sock to work. This is largely because I can't decide which pattern to use. I have not had the patience lately to follow a chart and my eyes cross at the k2 sl1 blah blah blah so i'm trying to make up a pattern of my own.

I am certain that it will all turn out fine when I find a rhythm but until then, dear reader, you get to look at the stripey baby sweater I made for a coworker whose baby boy was born at a whopping 10 lbs!! She's a little thing so I cannot imagine. I simply cannot.

Speaking of babies! There will be a new one in my family in April...my brother and his wife (in San Diego) are expecting their first one. I made this cute quilt from a kit I got at JoAnn's. The yellow is a minkie-like really soft fleecey thing, and the striped back is cotton flannel. So soft! Congratulations to them for sure.


  1. I feel terrible now. Isn't it funny what each of us has to overcome to knit sometimes?

    Congrats on the additional aunt duties coming in the spring.

  2. The quilt is awesome! I always wanted to quilt.
    I have a question- Is the first picture of the socks? If so are the connected or does it have to be seamed? Excuse my ignorance. I love the colors too.


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