Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blueberry DONE and BLOCKED

Yes, I am excited. I did wear the Blueberry two times pre-blocking to decide if I was going to frog the whole thing and start over.

I decided, no. It was my first effort just for me. I decided to block it and to wear a t-shirt under it (I have a little wool allergy, which is a BUM-MER).

So, here it is (the model, me, did not like the way her faced looked in this self-portrait so there is no head). I won't tell you how I feel about the weight issue, I think that is self-evident.


  1. The sweater looks great! The weigt will come off as you continue to work at it. I have all the confidence in the world! If this old gal can get it off, so can you!

  2. Woohoo! That sweater looks great - love the colour! Reminds me also of all my abandoned WIPs. Must get on it!

  3. Nice job on your sweater! I love the color, not too light - not too dark. Perfect!


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