Friday, October 19, 2007

Blog Buttons and Other Such

I have been scouring the web the past couple of days for webrings and other groups to connect to other blogger and knitter and dog lovers/cat lovers and quilters and OMG! All my labels right there on the right side of my own blog.

I found a few, and I have "joined" -- it's kind of fun. But also a lot like being the new kid in the class. I have to learn the culture of the groups and get to know the social mores, and they have to get to know me too.

The first thing I was doing, I realized, was linking my blog in a way that wasn't good etiquette. So, I scoured help sites and figured out how to "host" my own stuff. Hooray! I'm in the process now of converting all the stuff that I had posted on. Thank you to

for the very concise instructions, the best I've found so far.

And, a photo for your pleasure (or whatever) see if you can find Gracie in the cover. There's a circle around her to assist in this endeavor. We are so proud of our cover girl.

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