Wednesday, September 19, 2007

CKG is an Auntie (Some Knitting Content)

I've been knitting Lehu's vest too!

Babies are amazing. Especially babies of dear friends. I just got back from a visit with Birdie's Mama and Papa, and with the star of the show Baby Birdie. Goodness, I kept thinking about when I first met Birdie's Mama back in college and how VERY DIFFERENT we were back then.

We are all grown up and now she's a Mama and I'm an Auntie.

I've been thinking about what 'the kid' should call me, because CKG has more than one name she answers to. It gets a little confusing for people, and for CKG. I was thinking that Auntie M would be pretty darn funny. The Divine Ms Auntie M, or some such silliness.

Part of my visit to the Birdie Brood was to participate in the Memory Walk for Alzheimer's Association. It was a gorgeous day and there were more people there than expected. Financially, it looks like the walk raised the goal that was set forth. I am so excited that I got to participate in it. I walked the full 5K (I'm cheering inside) with Birdie's Uncle and Grandpa. Birdie rode in the Baby Bjorn on her Grandpa and was beyond content the whole time. I even got to chat with Birdie's Uncle a bit which was really nice.

I left at 10 pm and got home at 1 am - because I stopped once for gas and another time for coffee. But before I left, we went to visit Birdie's Grandma. Birdie got to meet her grandma. It was interesting because Birdie's Grandma was not sure what to make of the baby and the baby wasn't probably very aware of much since I think she was asleep at the time. Nonetheless, the visit was really meaningful to be part of. Birdie's Papa looking all swank in his fancy sunglasses holding that little bitty person, gliding with Birdie's Grandma on the glider in front of the residence.

We also found some serve yourself mums 5 for $10!! They are in gallon containers, HUGE and gorgeous. And such a deal.


  1. Congrats on a successful walk and on being an aunt to such a sweet baby! I think Auntie M is the perfect name. Go with it!

  2. I love Aunite M.....but then again I love being an aunt too. Babies are so much fun.

    Congrats on the success of the walk!


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