Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lehu Gets a Birthday Present

We have a running joke in our house about gift-giving. We tend to get things for each other that we sometimes actually want for ourselves...or we get things for the sake of getting them. Not that we are made of money, for real, because we aren't. I work in social services for goodness sakes.

But, our credit card gives us bonus points that add up and we can then redeem the points for gift cards at various stores. Lehu has been saving up for a big purchase at Best Buy...and the photo is (not a good one) of the box from our new digital camera. Here's hoping the quality of photos on this here blog improves as a result. My gosh, how amazing! This little camera is the same brand and style as our old one but smaller and with more megapixels...and other groovy stuff. Oooh.


  1. That's the very best kind of present! :)

  2. I love it when the present can be enjoyed by everyone! Excellent choice!


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