Monday, August 6, 2007

How Come the Weekend is so SHORT!

The Sewing Cabinet is complete. It came with many pieces and was fairly easy to put together. I do read directions, unlike Lehu, who thinks "Directions are for Dummies." I will refrain from further comment on that topic. I may be somewhat biased as I tend to make many things and follow instructions. I understand when I can improvise safely, and when I cannot. No, I take that back. I have sort of been improvising on the the Blueberry and - quite honestly - I am a little nervous about it. all the hullabaloo about the failed attempt at using the wrong weight yarn for the Tomato, I actually got my shipment today!!! I have included a photo, but it does not do justice to the incredibly soft luxurious feel of this fiber. I'm so excited. I wasn't going to open it, but then what was I going to do. Show you a photo of the box? And let you into my crazy world of forced delayed gratification? I think not.

Have a wonderful evening. It is thunderstorming here in Chicago. I plan to curl up with my Blueberry project and know that someday I will get to make the Tomato and knit with that sumptuous yarn.


  1. The cabinet looks great! I completely understand about the following directions and knowing when to improvise. Enough said.

    You will LOVE working with the BSA cotton. It is the softest yarn (not counting baby yarn) that I ahve worked with in a while. I can't wait to see how the Tomato turns out when you get to it. Thanks for sharing the yarn goodness!

  2. Wow. I love the yarn and want to touch it all. I'll cuddle with my Debbie Bliss Cashmerino instead. And the before/now pics- amazing. I always want to tell you how great you look but I don't want to be a freak stalker (yeah so I'll say in the web, that's better!).

    I'm with Lehu on the directions. I have so many extra parts....


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