Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Knitter with a Quilty History

I just finished reading Jennifer Chiaverini's Circle of Quilters which I really enjoyed. My dear friend J gave it to me for my birthday. I've read every book in the series (not the new one Quilter's Homecoming...I'll check that one out from the library).

I think that it is time to share my quiltmaking history...

My first few quilts happened while I was working on the biggest of my projects to date, and the reason I decided I would learn to quilt. But I will get to that one in a moment.

The first one was from a Kitty Fabric FQ Swap that I participated in with other online quilters. The pic is of my eldest neice and she actually came home from the hospital beneath this quilt. It was a turned and tied, rather than basted and qulited. I did a lot of fussy cuts so I got the right part of the fabric to show off the cute kitties. Cute baby!!

The next one was also for my neice (I went a little nuts) made from 1930's Reproduction fabrics. It is just squares, but I also put a border and binding on it. I was practicing. Forgive the photos, they are not the best quality.

The next one I churned out (all the while designing and cutting and sewing blocks for the big project) was a sunflower quilt from a kit. It was from flannels, all I had to do was to rip strips, sew them, then applique the flowers and stems. There are no photos of this quilt. It is not pretty. It is more of the utilitarian variety. I gave it to my sister as a "new mom" quilt.

Now, the reason I decided I would start quilting was because I wanted to create a memorable wedding gift for my brother and his wife. My dad died just after they got engaged and I remember calling my step-mom asking her to save Dad's shirts so I could use them to make a quilt. I scoured the block patterns on various websites and decided I really liked the bear paw. My dad was a lot like a mama bear would be, protective. In addition to the bear paw, I made nine-patch blocks and plain blocks to set them off.

The quilt is called Papa Bear's Flower Garden. My dad was also a gardening fanatic. It was amazing how the shirts all matched one another. His taste didn't veer off too far, that is for sure. I paid a lovely machine quilter to do the quilting after I put together the top and the back. I then took it back and hand-sewed the binding. The back is a very cute lightish blue Debbie Mumm with tiny buttons printed on it.

I hope I have the energy to make another big one. This one is a double bed sized quilt. Next big one is - hopefully - going to be for us and it will have to be queen size. Oh boy.

The UFO I have is a double pinwheel from Still Stripping after 25 Years made from 1930's reproductions fabrics which I LOVE for my second neice (who is now 2 1/2). I will have to add many borders because by the time she gets it she will be in a big girl bed. Or, it will be a wall hanging. Ugh.

Knitting is so much quicker and takes less space (sorry all you quilty people -- I really admire you, I just don't have any space for it). Making Papa Bear's Flower Garden occupied the dining room table for a long time.

I also have made several small items which I will post another day.


  1. Papa Bear's garden is beautiful, what a wonderful remembrance and gift.


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